As a subsidiary of Alexander Hughes, Managers by Alexander Hughes is specialised in identifying and recruiting the rising talent in the market, across all industries. Managers by Alexander Hughes gives clients access to a full executive search service when seeking to recruit hard-to-find functional or industry managers and specialists and fast-rising, high potential professionals.

Managers by Alexander Hughes provides you with expertise, knowledge, and contacts specific to your market with senior consultants having the experience and insight to fully understand your requirements.

Our expertise is in knowing where and how to identify and attract the rising talent in any given market and match it to your needs.

Our contract with you is to undertake the following:

In depth analysis of your recruitment requirements and the environment in which it sits, along with the purpose of the role and how success will be measured;

Assessment of the experience, knowledge, skills and personal qualities demanded of suitable candidates;

The development of a rigorous plan which will lead to a successful completion within an acceptable time frame;

Identifying, attracting, and engaging the interest of qualified and motivated candidates;

Conducting, challenging competency-based interviews with the selected candidates to evaluate their true potential to succeed;

Validating candidate’s career achievements through rigorous reference-checking;

Assisting in negotiations with preferred candidates to secure their appointment within your remuneration framework;

Monitoring the appointment during the first six months to ensure it is working well from both the client and the candidates’ perspectives.